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  • No More Executive Bonuses! by Henry Mintzberg
    "Don't pay any bonuses. Nothing. This may sound extreme. But when you look at the way the compensation game is played-and the assumptions that are made by those who want to reform it-you can come to no other conclusion. The system simply can't be fixed.
  • The Relentless Contrarian by Peter Drucker
    what's absolutely unforgivable is the financial benefit top management people get for laying off people. There's no excuse for it. No justification. No explanation. This is morally and socially unforgivable, and we'll pay a very nasty price.
  • Executive Superstars, Peer Groups and Over-Compensation – Cause, Effect and Solution
    "theories of optimal market-based contracting are misguided in that they are predicated upon the chimerical notion of vigorous and competitive markets for transferable executive talent... independent and shareholder-conscious compensation committees must develop internally created standards of pay based on the individual nature of the organization concerned, its particular competitive environment and its internal dynamics."

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  • Curious Cat Management Improvement Articles by John Hunter
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  • Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog by John Hunter
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