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  • My First Trip to Japan   view details
    Report on trip to Japan to learn about how Japanese management focused on quality and productivity improvement to meet and exceed customers needs and expectations.
  • Total Quality Leadership vs. Management by Results   view details
    Excellent article for those interested in improving management. It begins with a very short early 90's view on the increasing Asian economic clout. Those who are not interested in management improvement would likely be tempted to ignore the important...

Author Quotes

  • Less than 5 percent result from people committing errors. Human error is a negligible source of our problems. Yet because we don't understand systems, we act as though human error were the primary cause of our problems.

    The Leader's Handbook

  • The common objection to seniority pay is, "It's rewarding dead wood!" My response is, "Why do you hire dead wood? Or why do you hire live wood and kill it?"

    The Leader's Handbook

  • 95% of changes made by management today make no improvement.

    The New Economics

  • We will work with each other we will work side by side
    And we'll guard each man's dignity and save each man's pride

    They Will Know We are Christians by our Love

    Peter Scholtes: They Will Know We are Christians by our Love

  • Leaders need to understand that there is no good way to do performance appraisal. It is inherently the wrong thing to do. Leaders need to know what is wrong with performance appraisal and what to do instead.

    The Leader's Handbook

  • People don't resist change, they resist being changed.

    The Team Handbook

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