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    Curious Cat Web Directory: travel sites

  • Hipmunk - Excellent, easy, uncluttered interface to find and view flight options. Then you link offsite to make a purchase. Excellent design and usability. By one of the co-founders of Reddit.
  • Curious Cat Travel Photos - Travel photos from trips with a focus on national parks and hiking.
  • Travelocity - Huge site to book travel and compare costs of airlines, hotels, etc..
  • Hotwire - Find great travel deals with a web site that is easy and quick to use.
  • Book Depository - UK based book seller with free shipping worldwide.
  • Vagabond Family - "Living a travel (or nomadic) lifestyle throws a lot of challenges your way and we are here (as a group) to help you prepare, plan and live a less common lifestyle with your children."
  • ePassport Photo - Create you passport photo online and have it mailed to you for a large savings.
  • Magic Travel Blog - Tanya and Andrew detail their adventures from Malaysia to Japan and everywhere.
Curious Cat guides you to the best online sites. The sites we list are excellent but our directory is not meant to be comprehensive.

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We individually select resources and create topical guides to help you find exceptional resources. Often search engines do a great job, but, at times it is difficult to find the best resources in the huge quantity of results they provide. This is our attempt to help find those excellent resource quickly for a small set of topics.

Suggest an addition to Curious Cat Cool Online Connections. Sites must offer a superior experience. We look first for great content and ease of use and then a cool look and feel. So unique sites, with great content, that are easy to use, but lack great looks can make it. However sites without great, easy to navigate, content will not be listed.

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